Pro-business, collaborative, uncompromising. We exist to accelerate the pace of change. 90 seconds to tell you what and how we do it.

It all started with a plastic free aisle

Early 2017, A Plastic Planet co-founders, Frederikke Magnussen and Siân Sutherland launched their first award-winning campaign for A Plastic Free Aisle – two self-confessed plastic addicts, two unreasonable women who could stand by no longer once they became aware of what we are all collectively doing to our oceans, our land and ultimately to our own health. A Plastic Planet is now an army of like-minded passionate people, experts in all relevant fields, standing up for the public who want the choice to buy plastic free.

We are pro-business and industry

As entrepreneurs, we are pro-business and work collaboratively with all stakeholders – industry, retailers, packaging suppliers, schools, media, NGOs, Government and the UN to accelerate the pace of essential change. Now we know the truth about the damage our addiction to plastic has caused, it is indefensible not to change our ways as quickly as possible. Not in 25 years, not even in 5; but now, today. 2017 was the year we all woke up to this disaster. Now we know, we cannot un-know. Our job at A Plastic Planet is to keep up the pressure, help introduce plastic-free alternatives and champion those who are doing the right thing.

How we will turn off the plastic tap?


Keeping the pressure up with global media coverage


Igniting industry, brands and retailers to accelerate change


Pressuring governments for legislative, taxation and policy change


Developing the trusted resource library Knowledge = Power