What does working towards plastic free mean?

As individuals, weaning ourselves from plastic is not easy. For businesses it is even harder with complex, multi-country supply chains, offices full of staff and hotel deliveries wrapped in miles of plastic arriving daily.

The Industry Commitment Mark with the words Working Towards Plastic Free, empowers businesses to take the first step on a journey. There are 5 commitments. The first is to complete an audit of every piece of plastic brought into the business. With solid data to hand, progress can be tracked and most importantly, successes can be shared with customers, suppliers and staff, opening up an entirely new conversation.

Thought Leaders

Without exception, adopters of the Industry Commitment Mark stand out as thought leaders. They have the power to inspire their industry partners and their competitors, to follow by example in consciously reducing their plastic. A domino effect is triggered. Adopters inspire new adopters and a new way of doing business is learned, copied, inspired and inspiring.

For information about the Industry Commitment Mark ‘Working Towards Plastic Free’: trustmark@aplasticplanet.com

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