The plastic free trust mark

Sitting proudly on the front of packaging, our Trust Mark empowers shoppers to choose plastic free.

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The Industry Commitment Mark

Our Commitment Mark is awarded to businesses that demonstrate a serious, honest, open, collaborative and measurable approach to reducing their dependence on plastic.

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This is not another confusing symbol

This is not another confusing ‘recycling’ symbol. In fact it is the opposite as it helps us all wean ourselves off our plastic addiction. Designed to sit clearly on the front of pack, The Plastic Free Trust Mark instantly informs and empowers consumers to make plastic-free choices to reduce their plastic footprint. Finally consumers can be part of the solution not the problem.

How does the trust mark work?

Who wants it? Aspirational, straight talking brands who want to differentiate themselves from those using indestructible plastic packaging. apply by completing the exacting Evaluation Criteria.

Who evaluates? All packaging is carefully evaluated by A Plastic Planet’s Plastic Free Panel of world experts in all packaging materials.

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