Plastic pill bottles are a problem in the United States. A big problem. The fact is that these prescription medication bottles are too small to be recycled. So, 4-5 billion polyethylene bottles go straight to landlls and ocean dumps each year.Toxic waste that ends up devastating our natural ecosystem.

Our challenge was to design a sustainable bottle that does not harm the environment. Rejecting the use of plastic, our brief called for an earth-friendly bottle that also meets regulations for protection, durability, and safety.

The Idea:It’s a really simple idea. But designing it, not so simple. We looked at paper tubes, barrels, and boxes. Then explored and tested a series of designs before ultimately deciding on one winning design.

Introducing the Prescription Paper Pill Bottle. Made of 100% compostable and biodegradable paper, the bottle contains no plastic, articial glue, toxic dyes, or coatings. And it meets FDA regulations for water, light, and child resistance.

Once emptied, all the elements of the bottle can be tossed into local composts to decompose and enrich the planet’s soil instead of polluting it.

Its Impact:Produced in conjunction with our client and partner, TOM: Tikkun Olam Makers, the global movement of makers and innovators, the bottle’s open-source design is available to anyone and any pharmacy at for manufacturing at any maker space and print shop.

The new prescription bottle was supported by campaign materials in social media and outdoor posters driving pharmacists to download the prototype and give patients lling their prescriptions a sustainable packaging option.

Resulting in a 24% increase in site trac and producing more than 54 million media impressions in under two months, the design and promotion have elevated the conversation of sustainability in healthcare. Demonstrating that medications good for your health can now come in packaging that’s also good for the planet.