The world gets through 500 billion plastic cups each year. In Britain plastic pint cups are one of the worst offenders. Rarely recycled and totally valueless, they remain strewn across the landscape after big nights out, music festivals and sporting events. From British festivals it is estimated that almost 70% of plastic pint cups will end up in landfill or, most likely, the environment, where they will languish for centuries. Plastic cups are the 6th most commonly found item in Britain’s rivers, and 8th on Britain’s beaches. Plastic pint cups also taint the experience of buying a round. Britons are routinely charged £7 for a pint of beer, yet are forced to drink it out of a cup that ruins the taste.

These cups are a relic of a bygone age. That’s why we are calling out for the Government to ban them without delay. Innovation will only happen if we take away the cheap plastic option, and many safe alternatives are already available. This legislation would be no impediment to business and would benefit our environment and social experience hugely. Its high time Britain poured itself a plastic-free pint.