For this weekend’s Sail Grand Prix at the Port of Aarhus, Japan has entered into a collaboration with the organization A Plastic Planet, whose fight against plastic has Aarhus roots.

There will be speed across the field when the sailing championship Denmark Sail Grand Prix is ​​held for the first time in Denmark at the Aarhus waterfront this weekend. Eight teams from all over the world will compete for the championship in their F50 catamarans. But for this weekend’s event, it’s not just about speed and craft – the participants can also make a positive impression in other ways.

If you want to go to sea and compete for the Denmark Sail Grand Prix, you as a team must also “sail for the future”. The eight teams have therefore all had to work with an organization that fights for the climate. In this connection, the Japanese sailing team has entered into a collaboration with the organization A Plastic Planet, and the Aarhus co-founder Frederikke Magnussen is pleased.

»I was born and raised in Aarhus. The activist part of me definitely comes from my childhood. I mean, after all, I was born in a city that always strives to do better. That I can now be allowed to be a partner in the fight against plastic for an event of this size in my own hometown makes me very proud, “says Frederikke Magnussen, co-founder of A Plastic Planet.

As part of the collaboration, A Plastic Planet and the Japanese sailing team have started the initiative “Aarhus Plastic Promise”, which during this weekend’s championship will invite the people of Aarhus to participate in the climate fight with them. For the event, you will therefore be able to come and take part in the promise at an associated booth. Frederikke Magnussen explains how the purpose of the promise is to engage and show the individual consumer how their participation can make a difference. For the same reason, according to Frederikke Magnussen, the promise consists of three tangible measures that are easy for the individual to access – they are as follows:

1. You must give up your consumption of a plastic product that you use in your everyday life. For example, replace your plastic toothbrush with one made of bamboo.

2. Avoid wearing clothing that contains plastic for the weekend event.

3. Do not buy food for the event that will be served in plastic packaging.

Frederikke Magnussen hopes that the many spectators will take advantage of this opportunity. In addition, she hopes that the initiative will inspire and contribute to the consumer’s forward-looking awareness associated with the issue. Frederikke Magnussen herself tells how in her everyday life she is very aware of how she can live according to the three guidelines that the plastic promise calls for.

“I always have a water bottle I can refill and a coffee cup I can use so I don’t have to go out and invest again. In addition, I am very careful not to buy plastic bags from supermarkets. I have also become very aware of what my clothes are made of, “says Frederikke Magnussen, but also acknowledges how it can be really difficult at times.