The first recyclable protective visor has been unveiled by a campaign group as the pandemic raises fears of an increase in single-use plastic waste.

The clear visors, created by A Plastic Planet with packaging companies Reelbrands and Transcend Packaging, is made out of paper board and environmental cellulose from wood pulp. The creators say it is recyclable and home compostable.

They will be supplied to delivery company Yodel, which is working with the NHS to deliver Covid-19 tests.

Plastics campaigners have raised concerns that disposable PPE is finding its way into the environment or landfill. In the UK, 761 million pieces of PPE have been distributed since February.

A rise in other single-use plastics such as cups and cutlery, as people avoid re-usable containers over fears of contamination, is also worrying campaigners.

The visor meets European health and safety standards and will be supplied to charities in Africa – with plans to manufacture it in the US.

Sian Sutherland, co-founder of A Plastic Planet, said: “Plastic PPE visors are used once and then exist for centuries, polluting our planet. We wanted to show we can protect ourselves and our planet.”