3 September 2019

PlasticFreeLand™ Debuts at Packaging Innovations London

The packaging industry’s most contentious topic – sustainability – is set to be the focus of the new PlasticFreeLand™ at Packaging Innovations and Luxury Packaging London 2019

9 August 2019

Sian Sutherland features on Sky News discussing Plastic Innovation

“Any thing that is using material that nature can easily handle – that has to be the absolute winner. For decades now we have been using plastic as the default for everything.”

“When did periods become so plastic?”

1 August 2019

Waitrose rolls out trial scheme to remove packaging from products after success at first store

“We are so encouraged to hear that Waitrose have had such a positive reaction from their customers on the ‘Unpacked’ trial.”

“It is no longer acceptable to blame the public for plastic pollution. Brands and retailers simply need to offer their customers a better choice, a new way of shopping that is guilt-free”

25 July 2019

Iceland becomes first major supermarket to ban plastic bags in store pilot

“One man’s bag is another man’s problem as we are connected by one ocean.”

“Plastic bags should not exist. We can survive without them and Iceland shoppers will be the first to prove this.” 

12 July 2019


“Woke-washing and fake leadership won’t fix this, yet global business can still be the catalyst for change.”

“Maybe we need a new 3Rs – how about Responsibility, Reimagination and Reinvention?”

Sian Sutherland, co-founder of A Plastic Planet gives a powerful article in the Telegraph covering what happens to our waste, the pressures on waste management sites and the floors in recycling.

13 June 2019

Game-Changing Compostable Water Bottle Scoops International Plastic-Free Award

“Plastic takes thousands of years to break up, and becomes billions of micro-plastics causing havoc within our eco-system. Cove’s packaging is from a material that nature can handle; more like a flower or an orange peel than plastic.”

“A Plastic Planet are global pro-social change-makers. The campaign has a single goal – to ignite and inspire the world to turn off the plastic tap.”

5 June 2019

One Plastic Free Day

“We will move into an era of durability, of permanent packaging”

“Right now, if you are a big business you are in the business of branded pollution. Your bottles, your rubbish, your brand is visible world wide as pollution that is damaging our planet, our entire ecosystem. What big business really wants that?”

4 June 2019

Reduce plastic in the workplace: The Evening Standard did an audit of our office’s plastic use, here’s what we found

The Evening Standard undertook a plastic audit with the help of A Plastic Planet

4 June 2019

Plastic-free businesses: Sian Sutherland on why it makes commercial sense to ditch plastic in the workplace

Sian Sutherland looks at why it’s good for business to look at sustainable alternatives to plastic

4 June 2019

London is ready to change we just need the choices

A Plastic Planet take the Evening Standard centrefold on the eve of One Plastic Free Day. The Evening Standard also announce their adoption of the Industry Commitment Mark as they work towards plastic free.

1 May 2019

Soho House: London member’s club to reduce plastic pollution with the aim of going plastic free

It will be one of the world’s first adopters of A Plastic Planet’s Commitment Mark ‘Working Towards Plastic Free’

7 February 2019

Plastic waste: UK should not pass buck to world’s poorest, say MPs

UK must deal with plastic waste on its own soil, says group calling for export ban

5 December 2018

Plastic recycling: Business leaders demand UK stops sending waste to developing world

In an open letter published in The Daily Telegraph, Mr Darroch, along with TV presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle, Iceland Foods Group MD, Richard Walker and others, urges ministers to end the UK’s “plastic shame” by “taking responsibility for our waste on British soil”.

9 November 2018

Budgens becomes first British supermarket to introduce plastic-free zones

“All the other supermarkets can look and learn from what we’re doing. We have converted 1,700 product lines in just ten weeks, but that’s just the beginning,” he added.

“The issue of plastic is one that can no longer be ignored.”

8 November 2018


Special thanks to our extraordinary comms team at Higginson Strategy

7 October 2018

Britain’s Green Budget: Treasury will splash out £60million on planting 10million new trees across the country

“Millions of pounds will be spent planting trees in residential streets and towns”

“Under Teresa May the tories have tried to recast themselves as an eco party”

12 September 2018

Plastic Free Aisle Arrives at Packaging Innovations

A Plastic Free Aisle is being recreated at a global packaging conference in London

5 June 2018

Tuesday 5 June: World Environment Day, Minister Eustice at Cranfield University and Ivory Bill

“Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time – and action is needed now. This World Environment Day I encourage everyone to think about how they can reduce the plastic they use.” – Michael Gove

16 May 2018

First ‘plastic free’ label to help shoppers curb pollution

28 February 2018

Dutch Supermarket Introduces Plastic-Free Aisle

Shoppers found groceries, snacks and other sundries – but not an ounce of plastic. The items are packaged in compostable materials or in glass, metal or cardboard.

5 December 2017

A Plastic Planet’s Plastic Free Ambassador Ben Fogle on ITV’s Good Morning Britain

“Act now to rid our oceans of harmful plastic” – Ben Fogle

14 April 2017

Are you a plastic addict? Viral video campaign calls for plastic free aisles in supermarkets

“With concern growing over pollution and health, people are demanding a reduction the amount of single-use plastic – and the choice to buy food not wrapped in plastic.” – John Higginson