10 February 2022

Our Plastic Free Fashion movement continues

In 2021, the launch of our Plastic Free Fashion Movement began to tackle the plastic crisis that is continuing to worsen in the fashion industry. In collaboration with Fashion Revolution, the Plastic Free Fashion movement launched on Ubuntoo’s environmental solutions platform to demonstrate solutions and foster systems change.

22 October 2021

The Compostable Conundrum document

When should compostable materials be used and why?

This document is a working paper designed by A Plastic Planet to inform and shape a growing number of conversations on plastic pollution and compostable materials. With legislation fast approaching which will make separate food waste collections mandatory across the EU block and England and rising public frustration with plastic packaging, clarity is needed on when it is responsible to use compostable materials and when it makes sense to use another material.The Compostable Conundrum will advise industry on when to use compostable materials and when not to.

15 July 2021

JAPAN Sail GP Team is awarded the working towards plastic free mark

We congratulate Japan Sail GP Team after being awarded A Plastic Planet’s industry commitment mark ‘Working Towards Plastic Free’

6 January 2021

Project Boyan with Unilever

For the last two years, we have worked with Unilever on their first circular by design product using a refill system.  We love that it is reinventing how we buy and don’t throw away an everyday staple, deodorant. The symbolism of this launch is significant. It is Unilever’s first refill launch on a mass scale, with their most precious personal care brand, Dove. It will be available across the US, launching in Target, Walmart, CVS and other stores.  It is beautiful, made from durable stainless steel, and guaranteed for life.  A Plastic Planet are supporting Unilever by being involved in the media across the US for this launch, as we believe it is vital that this radical systems change is successful.  It isn’t perfect yet, but it is a big step for the No 5 global polluter to try to reinvent a market where they own 50% share with 1 billion people using a Unilever deodorant.  More to follow on this as we work closely with the team to take this concept across other brands and categories

18 December 2020

Kraft Heinz

As part of the Sack The Sachet Campaign, our twin track approach of Ban AND Solve has created a project with Kraft Heinz. The Heinz Tomato Ketchup sachet is one of the most iconic examples of this pernicious use of plastic. We are working with the technical team in Netherlands and UK, now moving to testing stage in the New Year. A Plastic Planet have the unique ability to create a bespoke team for such projects, brining together materials experts, product designers and coatings specialists to create new combinations of materials that Kraft Heinz have never seen before.  I want to especially call out Ian Bates of Reel Brands and our Paul Foulkes for their extraordinary help on this project so far.  More to report in 2021.

28 September 2020


We congratulate Anglepoise after being awarded A Plastic Planet’s industry commitment mark ‘Working Towards Plastic Free’.

23 July 2020

A Plastic Planet Co-Create The World’s First Plastic Free PPE with REEL Brands

It’s made from wood pulp. Our wood pulp material alternative is made by separating cellulose fibres from wood – similar to the process for making paper. This Plastic-Free solution allows for a completely compostable PPE alternative

20 June 2020

LUXURY FAMILY HOTELS are awarded our Working Towards plastic free commitment mark

We congratulate Fowey Hall, Ickworth, Woolley Grange, New Park Manor and Moonfleet hotels after being awarded A Plastic Planet’s industry commitment mark ‘Working Towards Plastic Free’.

27 January 2020

Spring Restaurant awarded with A Plastic Planet’s ‘Working Towards Plastic Free’ mark

Skye Gyngell announced plans to pledge to reduce the single-use plastics at Spring by 2019. Since then Spring and A Plastic Planet have worked closely with the aim of eliminating plastic and becoming the first plastic-free restaurant in London.

1 October 2019

Thornton’s Budgens Plastic-Free and zero packaging product range

We worked closely with Thornton’s Budgens to launch the stores zero packaging range of 200 products!

“We are very proud of our partnership with Thornton’s Budgens. It has consistently proven that selling plastic-free is not just good for the planet but good for business.” – Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder of A Plastic Planet

1 August 2019

August 2019 ongoing – Plastic Hackathon with WPP and A Plastic Planet

We kick off our series of Plastic Hackathons with global agency group WPP!

Attended by nominated sustainability pioneers from creative and technology teams within the WPP group. The first Plastic Hackathon was rich in passion, energy and ideas as the teams battled it out for the big prize. Watch this space for more news as WPP show the world how creativity and tech can help solve the plastic problem.

1 June 2019

June 2019 Ongoing – The Conduit Club adopt our commitment mark

The Conduit brings together social entrepreneurs, investors, creatives, business leaders, policy-makers and civil society. In 2019, the membership club began committing themselves to our Plastic Free Commitment Mark.

1 May 2019

May 2019 – How Dieline Conference, Chicago

Andrew Gibbs, founder of The Dieline, presents his keynote at the How Conference, detailing the partnership with A Plastic Planet. His call for change is heard by major global fmcg and retailers.

1 May 2019

May 2019 – Soho House launch our new Commitment Mark for Industry

Soho House partner with APP to launch the new Commitment Mark ‘Working Towards Plastic Free’, setting a high bar for other businesses to follow. The 5 commitments include a plastic audit across all 23 Soho Houses across the world.

1 March 2019

March 2019 ongoing – Helping Unilever create a waste-free future

We are proud to partner with Unilever as they develop MINIM; their first truly circular product, starting with one of their biggest market sectors of an everyday product; deodorant. 1 billion people use Unilever deodorant. This is making change at serious scale.

1 February 2019

February 2019 ongoing – bringing the Plastic Free Aisle to industry events

Leading by example, we show a vast array of solutions by rebuilding the Plastic Free Aisle at packaging trade fairs. The Packaging Innovations London event won the best of show prize for our stand.

1 November 2018

November 2018 ongoing – Cutting out plastic fast in one London Supermarket

We take over a North London supermarket, Thornton’s Budgens, to create the first living lab, a real-time experiment to show how fast plastic free change can be when commitment and smarts combine. In the 10 week project, we took almost 2000 skus plastic free. This number is set to reach 3000 by mid 2019.  Supermarkets bosses, Government officials and food and drink brands from around the world have visited this supermarket that continues to lead by example.

1 November 2018

November 2018 – Helping Unilever tackle 46 billion plastic sachets

We co-host the first Unilever Plastic Free Hackathon, focusing on eliminating 46bn sachets produced annually. Unilever back the winning idea with committed funds of €100k to pilot the new plastic free sachet alternative by mid 2019.