Ask yourself, in an
age when we can buy
gluten-free, fat-free and
dairy-free, why can
we not buy PLASTIC-FREE?

It’s about CHOICE.
Our supermarkets are very powerful. They can demand alternative packaging from the food and drink brands, and even show the way with their own label ranges. Our first public campaign, launched early 2017, taps into this power and asks supermarkets to give us, the shopper, a Plastic Free Aisle so we actually have the choice to buy food without plastic.

We need a new future of food retailing that is multi-sensory, scalable, commercially viable, safe and totally convenient. We need a seismic change in how our food is wrapped. And let’s remember plastic-free does not mean packaging-free. We still want convenience. It means accelerating towards an exciting new generation of natural, food-safe materials.
The world’s first APP
Plastic Free Aisle launches
in Amsterdam.

Scalable, viable and totally
convenient …this is a
showcase to the world.
We don’t want packaging free,
we want PLASTIC FREE™.
In February 2018 we are proud to partner with Ekoplaza in Amsterdam to launch our first viable, scalable and, of course, highly convenient Plastic Free Aisle. Carrying the A Plastic Planet Plastic Free trustmark, this aisle will be an evolving example to all supermarkets and industry to show how a plastic-free future can look.

Ekoplaza have over 80 supermarkets and have worked tirelessly to show the world how we can all change – not in 25 years, not even in 5 years but NOW.

Our evaluation criteria on packaging materials
If you visit our Ekoplaza Lab Plastic Free Aisle you will see some materials that look and feel like conventional plastic. They are in fact biomaterials (see our language of plastic). Unlike conventional plastics, which will exist for centuries on our planet, biomaterials are designed to be composted - either in your home compost or in industrial composting facilities. They should be put in the same bin as your food waste, not your plastic recycling bin. All the biomaterial packaging in Ekoplaza Lab is certified as OK Home Compostable or BS EN13432, the key standard for industrial composting across Europe and the UK. APP also ask many questions of all materials on the Plastic Free Aisle to ensure the materials used are the best possible choice.

For more information on the Plastic Free™ Trust Mark, please contact trustmark@aplasticplanet.com